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Reciprocating Engines - MasTec Power Corp.
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Reciprocating Engines

Often known as a piston engine, a reciprocating engine is a heat engine that uses one or more reciprocating pistons to convert pressure into a rotating motion. Reciprocating gas engines find work in multiple power generation applications, from providing fast-start backup generating capacity for intermittent renewable resources to offering scalable and increasingly efficient solutions for commercial and industrial CHP systems.

Why Reciprocating Engines?

Efficiency. Reciprocating engines are able to power up very quickly—typically within ten minutes. They offer customers efficiency with the option to use only one engine at a time or to keep multiple engines running while one is down for maintenance.

Low impact. Reciprocating engine powered plants can be taken on and offline multiple times a day with very low impact on maintenance cycles or wear and tear on the plant itself.

Higher temperatures & altitudes. In general, reciprocating engine plants offer a great choice for high temperature or altitudes. A reciprocating engine powered plant is not impacted by altitudes in the same way other types of power plants are.

Low profile. These engines are low profile, not requiring towers. The plants look more like large industrial buildings rather than a typical power plant. They can operate on lower gas pressures and require no high-pressure gas lines, shortening the permitting process substantially.

Have a Reciprocating Engine Project?