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Simple Cycle - MasTec Power Corp.
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Simple Cycle

What is Simple Cycle Power?

Simple cycle power plants provide a flexible and reliable power generation solution. These plants consist of a gas turbine connected to an electrical generator. In the gas turbine, air is compressed in the gas compressor. Energy is added to the compressed air by burning liquid or gaseous fuel in the combustor. The hot compressed air is expanded through a gas turbine, which drives both the compressor and an electric power generator.

Full power. Unlike other baseload power plants, simply cycle power plants can reach full power quickly. Simple cycles are usually used as peaking power plants with the ability to operate from several hours per day to a couple of dozen hours per power year.

Investment costs. The cost for simply cycle power plants is much cheaper than combined cycle combustion turbine plants. They require smaller capital investment than their coal or nuclear counterparts and the actual construction porcess can take as little as a several weeks compared to years for other baseload plants.

Customer value. Simply cycle benefits to the customer include high flexibility and availability, low life cycle costs, lower fuel consumption, lower operating costs and fewer carbon credits required.

Environmental value. The carbon dioxide emissions for simple cycle power are 13% lower than the average power generating facilities worldwide.

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